Zi Han, Performance / Audiovisual artist.

Zihan started his creative career as a photographer and founded CANART, an independent contemporary art institute with friends in Shanghai where he has curated dozens of contemporary art exhibitions and contemporary theater performances from 2008 to 2010.

In 2009, Zihan, together with independent playwright and director Zhang Xian and art institute Borneoco in Neitherland, co-curated Shanghai Transboundary Art Festival during which he started to have deep communication with many brilliant contemporary dance theater artists from home and abroad. From then on, Zihan began his creative participation in the field of contemporary theater.

In 2010, Zihan joined Zuhe Niao, an independent artist collective in Shanghai, in the piece The Dream of Red Chamber he worked and toured with the collecitve as the video maker and performer.
Zihan keeps moving forward engaging in comprehensive visual art and live music for theater performance. His works includes photography, video, contemporary art and sound.

The contemporary theater works which he has participated have been invited by and toured in quite a few important theater festivals such as JULIDANS in Neitherland, TPAM Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama Japan, Tanzhaus Nrw and HELLERAU in Germany, Rencontres Choregraphiques Festival in France and Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The collaborative works between Xiao Ke and Zhou Zihan involve photography, video, live art and installation that focus on personal body exploring the extreme of expression under the public context in China.





之后以综合视觉及剧场现场音乐为稳定创作方向前进。作品类型涉及摄影、影像、当代剧场及声音创作。参与合作的当代剧场作品曾巡演于荷兰、法国、瑞士、英国、德国等地的重要剧场和艺术节,如荷兰JULIDANS,日本TPAM Performing Arts Meeting, 德国Tanzhaus Nrw,HELLERAU,法国Rencontres Choregraphiques Festival,英国爱丁堡Fringe Festival等。

Zi Han
Performance / Audiovisual artist..


1982 Born in Shanghai, China. Work and live in Shanghai.

2004-2008 Work as photographer and visual director in my own studio.
2008 Found CANART Institute of Contemporary Arts, work as the artistic director. Focus on contemporary arts collaboration with performance.
2010 Join Zuhe Niao Collective, focus on physical theater creation and performance.
2011 found Can Not Help Group, focus on social theater performance art.

2009 Shanghai Fringe Festival got the DOEN Foundation Co-production fellowship support
2010 “The Red Chamber” got the The Prince Claus Fund for culture and development Co-production fellowship support.
2010 “Silent Acappella” got the support from Swiss Culture Scapes
2011 “ Silent Acappella “ got support from Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales Paris
2011 Got the China-UK Connections Development Grant from Cultural And Education Section British Embassy
2012 “Stupid, Dance!” got the support from Tanzhaus Nrw Dusseldorf
2012 Book “China’s independent dance theater” got support from Tanzhaus Nrw Dusseldorf
2013 “One sweet dream in the garden” got support of Four cross-strait cultural centre China
2014 Join the JULIDANS festival’s artists lab

Physical / Dance Theater works:
2010 “The Red Chamber”
2010 “Stupid Dance”
2010 “Silent Acappella”
2011 “Are you alright?”
2011 “Sickroom IV The Crow”
2012 “Sickroom V To and Fro”
2012 “Stupid, Dance!”
2012 “Night of Remember”
2013 “One Sweet dream in the garden”
2013 “Crush-To & Fro"
2014 C Zone
2014 TOUR
2014 In studio 1 of Stadsschouwburg
2014 CACHE
2014 WITH

Dance Film works:
2012 ‘Now as then” (Collaborated with artist Xiao Ke)
2013 “Eslewhere” (Collaborated with artist Xiao Ke)

The Conceptual performing art works:
2011 “Diary”
2012 “Now as then”
2013 “Transparent Phenomenon”
2013 "Gone with words"

The social theater art works:
2011 “Darling Hurt I The rainbow”
2011 “Darling Hurt II All approval”
2011 “Darling Hurt III Rolling”
2011 “Darling Hurt IV Ready, Go! “
2012 “Darling Hurt V Crush”
2013 “We forgot to tell you there is a date this Sunday afternoon”
2013 “We forgot to tell you there is a date this Sunday afternoon”
2013 “We apologize to inform you”(Zhujiajiao)
2014 “We apologize to inform you”(Yokohama)
2014 In the dinner of dinner

Curator of contemporary art events/exhibition
2008 Oct. Can art or can not. (Shanghai)
2008 Dec. Looking for me - Japanese doll exhibition (Shanghai)

2009 Mar. JING _Chinese, Jpanese, Korean Artists Group Exhibition

2009 Apr. CONCEPTUAL ART IN CANART CANART with Latin American Pavilion in ART SHANGHAI 09'

2009 May ONE _by CHAIM GEBBER A dance performance & Open workshops
2009 July PRESENT Exhibition 2009

2009 Sept.-Oct. Shnghai Fringe Festival 

2009 Shanghai
2013 “Solo Festival” (Art festival forcusing on individual performing art)

Performance and Exhibition Experience

2010 Mar. The Red Chamber, Dutch Culture Center in Shanghai
2010 July. The Red Chamber, JULIDANS in Amsterdam
2010 Aug. Stupid Dance, 800 Art District in Shanghai
2011 Apr. Silent Acappella , Shanghai Jue Festival
2011 May. Silent Acappella, Paris France, Rencontres Choregraphiques Festival
2011 Jul. This&That, Shanghai 800 Art District
2011 Jul. Silent Acappella, Guangzhou Modern Dance Festival
2011 Aug. Edinburgh Fringe Festival
2011 Sep. Darling Hurt I The Rainbow, Shanghai
2011 Sep. Darling Hurt II All Approval, Shanghai
2011 Nov. Are You Alright? Shanghai Theater Valley Festival
2011 Dec. Sickroom IV The Crow, Hongkong IDANCE Festival
2011 Dec. Darling Hurt III Rolling, Shenzhen Fringe Festival
2011 Dec. Darling Hurt IV Ready, Go! Shenzhen Fringe Festival
2011 Dec. Sickroom IV The Crow, Shanghai Rockbund Art Museum
2012 Apr. Street Signs - an exhibition about street photography. Rito Gallery in M50, Shanghai
2012 July. Sickroom V Back and Forth, Playing the Fool Festival (Paper Tiger Space)
2012 Oct. VJ for West Lake international music festival (Hangzhou, China)
2012 Nov/Dec. Duselldorf/Dresten/Munster Germany "Stupid,Dance!"
2012 Dec. Berlin Germany "Night of Remember"
2012 Dec. Shenzhen OCAT Festival "Now as then"
2012 Dec. Guangzhou ShuiBian Bar "Now as then"
2013 Apr. Hangzhou QianWang Temple "One sweet dream in the garden-the present & the past"
2013 May. VJ for West Lake music festival (Hangzhou, China)
2013 Aug. VJ for ZhuQi's concert. (Shanghai, Hangzhou & Beijing, China)
2013 Sept. TOUR (On Stage, Shanghai, China)
2013 Sept. Opening performance for Chinese Aggressive Art Exhibition (Chengdu, China)
2013 Sept. One sweet dream in the garden-the present & the past (Opening for Hangzhou international theatre festival.
2013 Oct Basement6 "We forgot to tell you there is a date this Sunday afternoon"
2013 Oct "Open" Live Art Festival "Crush-To & Fro"
2013 Oct “Filter of Public” Contemporary Art Exhibition “Transparent Phenomenon”(Shanghai)
2013 Oct ZhuJiaJiao Contemporary Art Exhibition "We apologize to inform you" (Shanghai)
2013 Nov "Collapse" The exhibition of 10 artists from China and Germany. "Gone with words"(Shanghai)
2014 Feb TPAM-Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2014 "We apologize to inform you" (Japan)
2014 Mar. ART+WINE: Object & Colour Art Show, site specific theatre "C-Zone" (Shanghai)
2014 Apr. COART Festival “In the dinner of dinner’ & ‘Now as then’. (Li Jiang)
2014 July JULIDANS festival "In studio 1 of Stadsschouwburg" and join the artists lab.(Amsterdam)
2014 Oct. Oriental Design Week, 'WITH".(Turin)
2014 Oct Shanghai Fashion week "The Swimming pool" (Shanghai)
2014 Nov COART Festival "Now Theater"& "Halfway" (Li Jiang)
2014 Nov Coming Soon Contemporary Art Exhibition "The Hall" (Shanghai)
2014 Dec Shanghai Biennale "To Be Confirmed" (Shanghai)
2014 Dec i-Dance Festival “Miniascape” (Hong Kong)