TOO LATE is a new production of theater work from XIAO KE x ZI HAN. It applies the concept of dynamic theatre, which is a theatre creation practice that makes performance flows around public space.

TOO LATE happens in the INSTANT (an inflated independent space device designed by XIAO KE x ZI HAN which can be moved, shaped and vanished). It constituted by the core casts, the extras and the audiences. It breaks through the regular performance method by utilizing the inner and outer space of the INSTANT device. The performance splits into 4 chapters, in 4 days. t is to arouse the frigid yet violence performance existent.

Chapter one,
theatre is a playground.
Chapter two, memory, words, noise, confide and listen selectively.
Chapter three, restricted body landscape.
Chapter four, static speech and withdraw with open arms.

TOO LATE ideas come from the nonsense in our daily life, which reflects the current condition and emotion of realistic society. They will sneak into the group through fractional text expression, and form an energy accumulated from individual to group.

Concept XIAO KE × ZI HAN
Director XIAO KE
Visual & audio director ZI HAN
Project producer Wang Jiaming
Lighting designer Li Yaqi / Guo Shentong

Huang Zhihao / Mu Yan / Li Chenchuan / Li Ying / Li Yihe/ Li Zhen / Liu Suman / Yuan Tingting / Zhang Tongtong / Yang Kun & SHU / Xiao Yu / Ma Jin / Cheng Zai / Carrie / GaryDeng / Kang Jingjing / Lola / Yanyan / Li Meng / Zi B / Zhen Yue /Bi Kun / Jacky Khaw / Da Chengzi / Wu Yini / Xiao Zhe / You Zhuqin / ZhengLimin

Audio & Lighting support FAMOUS Culture Special effect support Lie Yan Culture
Sound track Re-TROS Sound track copyright reserved Modern Sky
INSTANT Coproduction RUI HONG TIAN DI Coproduction WFFFestival / ARTHUB