Dance Deco explores individual's body and identity by examining the decorative expression of dance. China’s dance education and dance culture left inerasable imprints on its dancers. Dance, be it folk dance, modern dance, classical dance or contemporary dance, does not just convey the aesthetics of the body, but also reflects the trajectory of the social development.

At Rockbund Art Museum, performers will use the structure of scatter plots to collage, restructure and deconstruct dance memories, demonstrating the properties of each individual body. This new work also involves Moe Satt’s Like Umbrella, Like King. In the field of art, DECO not only stands for decoration, but, more precisely, it represents the application of classical elements and spirit in modern art.

Dance Deco applies dance’s traditional elements to the reflection of the body. In the field of contemporary arts theater, spirited discussion and the search for so-called properties of "Asian body" have been going on in Asia. However in China, such discussion has been plagued by lack of focus. The work created by Xiao Ke × Zi Han as RAM’s artists in residence is another attempt to inspire the reflection and research of "Asian body” in the new generation.

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12/11 Friday 19:30-21:00
Artist-in-Residence Program_ Dance Deco
Concept_ Xiao Ke × Zi Han
Choreographer_ Xiao Ke
Music and Image_ Zi Han
Actor_ Huang Zhihao, Li Chenchuan, Xu Mengying, Xiao Ke, Zi Han
Venue_ 4Fl., No. 20 Huqiu Rd., Huangpu District, Shanghai