Silent Acappella

The piece is Xiao Ke's alone singing, facing all of you and her life. It's a self composition and reading; a mirror reflecting her mermory. To be born, and grow. To believe, and doubt. To be generous, and jealousy. To be honest, and dishonest. She is Standing on an indistinct line, keep asking the truth that perhaps has never been alive in one single realm. Silent singing, connecting outside and inside, the two different realms, resisting the guilts of one is to deny the innocence of the other.To justify one's being, is to justify the lies. Her body is Like ant, weak and small to be trampled, but also tough and stubborn to remove a mountain. Nothing belonging to her, but herself.

Performed in Theaterhaus Gessnerallee Zurich Switzerland,Dampfzentrale Bern Switzerland,Theater Chur Switzerland,Kaserne Basel Switzerland in Nov 2010

Performed in “JUE” FESTIVAL Enter Space Shanghai in Mar 2011
Performed in Rencontres chorégraphiques 2011 Bobigny MC93 Paris France in May 2011
Performed in Guangzhou Modern Dance Festival in Jul 2011

Choreography/Performance: Xiao Ke
Live sound: Zhou Zihan
Visual Collaboration: Zhou zihan
Reference music: FengHao, Supermarket
Duration: 30 mins