Republic of Dance

Republic of Dance is a theater project about popular public square dance culture in China that combing with stage performance, public space event and documentary installations. It is created by Xiao Ke x Zi Han in 2016.

Public square dance originally is popular in the north of China, with drums, suona music accompaniment. Now it spreads out of the whole country to become the overall prevalence with popular music accompaniment. This dance not only uses normal jumping and twisting, but also mixes different Chinese dance style from loyalty dance (in culture revolution period), disco, yangko dance, folk dance and aerobics, especially suitable for community mass fitness. Any person can make it to choreography; music can also be used for any music style, without restrictions, as long as you can with the rhythm.

The body posture not only reflects the aesthetic of a nation, but also political embodiment of the nation. When artists try to review the history of modern China’s dance, they realize that the history has brought a profound impact on the development of local Chinese dance.

The theater production shows the personal story on stage to open a landscape between different generations in China from 50’s, 60’s 70’s and 80’s. The performance combines dance, video, interview and flower installation on stage to represent a happy public square dance background and meaning. “Why dance in public?” “Why happy in collective?” The performance gives audience a new view angle to see the meaning of collective life, and also open a door to audience to touch the realistic Chinese life.

Except stage performance, “Republic of Dance” also presents public space event to involve audience and different dance culture into an interactive performance. Also a documentary video installation shows the background and landscape of public square dance in China to send more knowledge and atmosphere of it to audience who will come into theater to see the stage show.

The premier was in KunstFest Weimar in August 2016.

Concept_ Xiao Ke x Zi Han
Producer_ Anja Geotte, Borneoco, Zhang yuan
Dramaturge_ Zhang Xian, Anja Geotte
Director_ Xiao Ke, Zi Han
Choreographer_ Xiao Ke
Video & Sound_ Zi Han

Sun Chang Fang, Feng Hui Jin, Li Chen Chuan, Xiao Ke, Zi Han

Coproduction_ Kunst Fest Weimar 2016, Shanghai Power Station Art Museum

The video of Theatre performance WEIMAR VERSION on YouTube here >>

The video of public square performance WEIMAR VERSION on YouTube here >>

The video of Theatre performance SHANGHAI VERSION on YouTube here >>

The video of public square performance SHANGHAI VERSION on YouTube here >>