Somewhere about home

31st Dec 2016
Swatch Art Center Shanghai

Concept_ Xiao Ke x Zi Han
Performance_ Yu Ming Zhi, Xiao Ke, Zi Han
Video_ Zi Han
Duration_ 40 mins
video on YouTube HERE>>

Yu Ming Zhi is a housekeeper, who has worked in XiaoKe x ZiHan’s home 6 years in Shanghai. She comes from An Hui, a village. Xiao Ke comes from Kun Ming city based in Yun Nan province. ZiHan was born in Shanghai but grew up in Huai Nan city. Three of them live together in Shanghai and become a new family to tare of each other, although they have their own “home” in different locations.

It is a talking live performance to share their stories and feeling about Shanghai, about their family and also about the meaning of “home”.

XiaoKe x ZiHan invite Yu Ming Zhi to join this performance and stay with audience to wait for the new year coming on the last day of 2016.